There are always vacancies in Megapolis Group of Companies that may suit you. Don't miss your chance to join the team of more than 15 000 professionals all over Russia. Working with us, you get opportunities to develop and build a successful career. We guarantee stability and confidence in future.


MEGAPOLIS employees are our most valuable asset. Our goal is to strengthen our role in the Russian and global distribution markets by securing leading positions – and achieving this depends directly on the people working to reach this goal.

The MEGAPOLIS Group offers a wide range of opportunities for career growth and professional development.

The company takes a multifaceted approach to employee development. Our training system (based in Russia’s largest cities) offers regular professional development courses for employees in key positions and divisions within the company. We presently offer 10 training programs, which are divided into functional blocks like Sales, Management, Psychology, etc.

In 2010 more than 5,000 company employees participated in professional development activities. Our own training department also introduced several new programs, including stress management and management decision-making. We offer adaptation plans for our staff, and introductory courses for new hires.

For managers at various levels we offer comprehensive, individualized training and development programs.

We have successfully implemented distance learning courses as well. The main advantage of this system is that employees can participate in a training session without leaving the workplace. Distance learning includes web seminars, online conferences and self-teaching programs.

Our company regularly evaluates staff performance, which helps to identify the unique skills and experience of each employee, as well as establish priorities for further development. Members of the team that receive high marks are given priority access to career growth opportunities within the company. Many of the successful managers at Megapolis started out here with their first job. A successful career at Megapolis is entirely realistic.

Our training system, effective knowledge-sharing structures and, most importantly, attention to each individual member of the team makes it possible to achieve high levels of professionalism and commitment from each employee